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  • Your New Name

    Life is full of labels that limit, but God has a new name He longs for you to hear - a name that boldly declares freedom from your past and hope for your future. Join Esther Fleece Allen, bestselling author of No More Faking Fine, in this profound exploration of your God-given identity that no label can limit and no circumstance can shake.

    Too often, our identity gets tangled up with our circumstances, and suddenly, the truth of who we are is colored by our relationship status, our job title, the shame of our past, or what others say about us.

    People might pin toxic, untrue labels on your back. Life might knock you down. And you might even wrongly label yourself. But God never does. Our God-given identity is the truest thing about us, and God spends a lot of time in the Bible telling us who we are. It's time to take Him at His word.

    God's names for you are not post-it-note provisions; they are names to be studied, taken to heart, and believed, all in the journey of becoming your truest self just as He created you to be. Let Your New Name be your first step in this journey of a lifetime.

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  • Your New Name Book

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    Prayer Guide

    Prayer is a conversation with God; it helps us to foster the relationship between ourselves and the Creator. With this prayer guide, dive deeper into prayer, and learn what prayer can teach us about our new names.

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    Prayer Journal

    The pages contained in this journal are meant to help you let go of the labels that limit you, and embrace the name that God has given to you so that you can become your most authentic self.

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    Discussion Questions

    A three-part workbook to help lead purposeful and meaningful discussions for small groups. Encourage your friends, family, and church members to join.

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    Video Series

    Esther Fleece Allen is sharing four short key introduction videos for group leaders that are highlighted in Your New Name, including “So What’s In a Name,” “When God Renames You,” “Your New Name Benefits You and Others,” and “Share Your Story.”

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    Spotify Play-list

    God makes us limitless with his love. Rejoice in His love with a customized worship playlist for Your New Name.

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Praise for Your New Name

  • "It’s easy to get a little confused about who we are. This book is a gentle reminder from a voice I trust, to stop letting other people decide who you are and let Jesus name you."

    Bob Goff, author of the New York Times bestsellers Love Does, and Everybody Always

  • "This book is a much-needed reminder of how powerful and prophetic names can be. Esther Fleece Allen beautifully illustrates the gift we have as children of God, what this sacred identity means, and why this gift is so precious and powerful. I read this book while pregnant with my third child, and I will never look at naming a child the same way again. I recommend Your New Name wholeheartedly!"

    Megan Alexander, correspondent for Inside Edition

  • "In a world that wants to quickly size us up and define us by our past, our status, our title, and even our outward appearances, Esther Fleece Allen beautifully shows us the power of our true identity—an identity that never changes, never fades, and never disappoints. If you can grab hold of the truths in this book, fear and insecurity will lose their grip on you. You will have the courage and authenticity to live life fully and freely, without fear of the past or anxiety about the future."

    Valorie Burton, bestselling author of Successful Women Think Differently and It’s About Timed

  • "Everything changes when we believe and lean into who God says we are. Your New Name is a beautiful tool to help us do just that."

    Levi Lusko, lead pastor of Fresh Life Church

  • "Esther Fleece Allen calls believers to walk in the strength and hope of their God-given identity and does so with great depth, compassion, and richness of biblical teaching that we find restorative. This book shines with the love and healing only our beautiful Messiah makes possible. Read it, and may your heart of worship and knowledge of God grow tenfold!"

    Joel and Lynn Rosenberg, cofounders of The Joshua Fund

  • "Your New Name is a fantastic display of God’s love and transformational power. From the time of our birth until our death, we are told who we are or who we’re supposed to be. What I love about Esther Fleece Allen’s book is how she clearly shares who God has called us to be and, equally important, how God views us, despite our past failures and titles. If you’re in an identity crisis and looking for encouragement, look no further than Your New Name."

    Remi Adeleke, author, actor, and former Navy SEAL

About the Author

  • Esther Fleece Allen

    Esther Fleece Allen loves to connect people around the world to practical, faith-centered tools for living through every season, good and bad. Esther is a graduate of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and is currently in seminary. When she's not traveling to speak or teach, she enjoys making a home with her husband and children. Learn more at

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